A Call to Compassion August 11, 2015

Compassion.  Is it the same thing as pity?  What is it like to “feel compassion”.  These are the words of Holy Scripture in the story of the Samaritan.  “But a certain Samaritan, who was on a journey, came upon him and when he saw him he felt compassion,” Luke 10:33.  Is it the same as caring?  Is it the same as concern?  In this story I see something different than all of these conditions.  I see something compelling.  Verse 33 is followed by “and he came to him, and bandaged up his wounds pouring oil and wine on them, and he put him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him,” Luke 10:34.  To truly feel compassion, and not something other, is to follow it with action that responds to the deepest need. The victim in this story is alone, no support in any way.  He has been beaten, stripped, robbed of all he had and no one who sees his plight.  Two pass him by with other things on their mind, no eyes to see him or ears to hear him.  Along comes the Samaritan and he “feels compassion” first before anything else.  And then he responds by partnering with the victim with all that he has.  Amazing response, powerful and empowering!  Compassion is true when response is   demanded in our being.  Liken it unto a cry of the Holy Spirit, for who has true compassion but God.  It goes deeper than our own understanding.  It is the Lord himself moving in our being.

Good Samaritan Ministries is founded on the call of God for true compassion toward our neighbors no matter their identity.  It has never been about what we think about anyone or about how we agree with anyone.  But it is to serve in the place of Christ and give Life where Life is threatened.  It is not about what one deserves but about the true need of our neighbor no matter who that is.  Sometimes it is close by and sometimes at the uttermost parts of the earth.  No matter the circumstances, we are called to respond compassionately with no reservations.  Compassion ceases to be compassion when we question choices or behaviors.  It is truly God’s will in action, no second-guesses, no looking back.  This is the road we travel.  You are welcome to come along the way.


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