LOOK AGAIN: Transition October 27, 2015


By Elsa Jane Weislogel, Vol. 19

Recently I have been faced with transition.  I normally think of transition as an occasional situation.  When transition is personal rather than organizational, it is a little more difficult to recognize and to accept.  Perhaps that is because it looks like, feels like, and acts like, first and foremost, a loss either of value or power.  How did our Lord deal with transition?  There is some evidence of that in the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 when we see that Jesus is the Good Samaritan.

How do you define transition?  As I look closely at my personal transition, it is simply defined as change.  I understand change to be a normal part of being alive.  Look at the weather, the seasons, the aging process, needs, and on and on. It seems to me that it is one thing that, in this human realm, we can count on.  And it seems that it may be the one thing that is most difficult to bear perhaps because it seems to threaten our security.  Of course, there are the times that it enhances our security and then we celebrate it and thank God for it.  Do we do the same when it seems threatening?

In the parable of the Samaritan, Jesus, after a time of caring for the broken man, turns the responsibility for his care over to the innkeeper and departs.  This is transition (change) for the broken man, but for the innkeeper and his staff as well.  As I study Jesus’ choice to move on I see that He promises to bear any extra cost and He promises that he will come again to the Inn.  Jesus seems to perceive change as circumstantial rather that terminal, as promising rather than threatening.  He sees future in the midst of current.  He sees new life coming in the midst of changes in circumstances.

If we decide to ponder this perception as His, we could come to the conclusion that even in the loss of everything there is a future promise of security and opportunity.  Perhaps this is the way that Jesus was able to continue to serve His Father in Heaven even when He was arrested and crucified.  There is always the promise of new life in the midst of changes in responsibility.  What an incredible faith He had in all that is eternal while living in the midst of temporal!  The challenge is for us to follow Him in this way.  What a challenge!  What a great adventure while suffering loss to accept what new life is coming, what new responsibilities, what new opportunities!

May the peace of Christ be unto us all.

Elsa Jane 


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