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Your Will His Will

christmas crafts at school in pakistan 2015

Children of a Pakistan School with Christmas Crafts



How do you want to be remembered after you have gone to His Kingdom?  What is the legacy of the gifts you leave behind?  None of us know when God will call us to join Him…so what are you waiting for to put your affairs in order?


Despite our human failures, most of us work hard in this life to follow the examples of Jesus and the tenants of His commandments. We believe that this will give glory to God and prepare our way to be with Him for eternity.

When we do go to meet Him what will we have left behind?  We will leave behind two primary things; First is the memory our individual reputations as loving Christians and the second is some material assets (house, car, household goods, bank funds, insurance, etc.).

The last thing anyone should want is chaos among family members, sparring for worldly possessions.  I don’t think any of us want the government to be the beneficiaries of taxing our estate because we failed to plan for this eventuality, the day which we know will come.

By planning today, you can eliminate uncertainty in the future and craft the reputation and memory of your time on earth.  GSM has engaged with several individuals who have agreed to provide a free legal or financial consultation to Ministry members.  These lawyers and financial planners are ethical, Christian professionals who appreciate your mindset for leaving a legacy.

Call the GSM office today if you are interested in receiving a free consultation about preparing a will and putting your affairs in order.

Ed Markiewicz


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