The Call On the Wall January 5, 2016


40 Years Ago 1976

Forty years ago God spoke to Bettie Mitchell at Nineveh, “Here are the children, where are the teachers?” Today, forty years later, I hear another call “Here are teachers, where are the children?”
Malachi 4:6 declares that God will turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children or the land will be smitten with a curse. It is re –established in Luke 1:17.

The eyes of the Lord are on the children and the families of this generation, His heart cries out for the healing of the land through the restoration of the families. Parenting children and connecting to their heart and soul is the greatest work parents do. However, many parents are too busy, preoccupied or simply do not know how to engage with their children, one parent told me “I am afraid to make him mad, so I give him what he wants.”

As a parenting specialist in my former position I had the opportunity to work with many hurting parents and their hurting children. I watched God move among them, bring solutions and build relationships between them that changed their lives forever.      I am excited to share that Good Samaritan Ministries offers Parenting Classes.

The “Circle of Security” parenting series that we offer is an evidenced-based program for caregivers of infants, toddlers and young children through age 10, which has had far-reaching results in many places. This and other classes that are coming up are a great way to increase your understanding of how to build security into your children.
 I encourage you to come and see how it can be helpful to you and your family.
Please register at frontdesk@gsmusa.org or by calling 503 644 2339.  Donations are appreciated.

Teresa Stroup, MSW, CSWA,  CEO/Director


Link to more info / video:  http://goodsamaritanministries.org/event/circle-of-security-parenting-class-series




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