Becoming a Partner February 11, 2016

Training in Kenya 2016

Training in Kenya 2016




Several people have asked me lately about Good Samaritan Ministries and what we do with the donations that come in. Well, first the donation is part of a partnership, “partnership” is a two way street.


Every donation that comes in comes straight to my desk, I read it and
lay hands on it and pray for the sender: for their health, prosperity,
their family and any prayer request that comes in with it, no matter
how big or small that donation is. We have you covered!

Then it goes straight to where the partner meant it to go – if it is
not designated to goes straight to the general fund and that is how we
pay the bills here at the ministry.

There are only 4 paid staff people at GSM, which means the whole
ministry (23 countries including the US) is supported through the
donations of partners, which includes: 8,000 scholarships for schools,
food for widows and orphans, medical clinics, recovery homes and
counseling for those who cannot afford to pay.

Consider donating and becoming a partner with God for the healing of
the land and the nations!

Teresa Stroup


Good Samaritan Ministries is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.
Address: 7929 SW Cirrus Dr # 23, Beaverton, OR 97008