Sharing Your Story as a Samaritan May 19, 2016

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In honor of the 40th  Anniversary of the Call on the Wall for Good Samaritan Ministries, we welcome you to record your memories. For the Memories Essay Contest, we are looking for stories sharing a significant memory of when you or someone else answered the call of God as a Samaritan.

Here are a couple of writing prompts:

1) Tell the story about how you first came to Good Samaritan Ministries and how the ministry has impacted your life;
2) Write a GSM memory from your past where you saw the love of God in action.

For the Memories Contest we are looking for essays of 1,000 words or less that share a significant memory where you answered the call of God as a Samaritan.

To enter, please send your essay to bethany.stroup@gmail.com, or drop it off at our main office in Beaverton. Entries can also be mailed or faxed in by June 20, 2016.

Essays must be less than 1,000 words.  All essays will be read and voted on by the essay committee. The winning entrant will receive a collection of GSM books – over $65.00 value and the essay will be published on our website.

Here is one of the entries we have already received:

Every Life Precious

By Freda Emmons

I am drawn to the broken victim in the parable of the Good Samaritan, for I too was a victim. There have been many “Good Samaritans” in my life, dear friends who lifted me out of the pain and cared tenderly for me. In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells the story to highlight who the true neighbor is, the one who utilizes his compassion and resources to help the beaten man and restore him to health. There is a truth in the story that speaks not only of the kind actions of the true neighbor, but also of the great compassion of the Lord Jesus. This same truth is reiterated in many of the parables, in fact, throughout the Scriptures; every individual is precious, created in the image of the Living God.

For those who have not experienced abuse or a severe trauma, it is sometimes challenging to understand the debilitating effect of violence, hunger, or severe illness. For just a moment, I would like to share from the perspective of the broken one, how such compassion changes lives. I survived because of the grace of God. He sent blessings, in the care of angels, to give my spirit and body the love I needed. He also brought compassionate people into my life, who led me to a safe place to live, and safe people to be around. My identity is no longer a victim, but rather a victor in Christ Jesus. My life has been renewed and built up in Christ. I am no longer ruled by the pain of my youth, or its aftereffects that swarmed around my young adult years, but instead are freed-up to live an abundant life in Christ Jesus.

It is no small wonder that Good Samaritan Ministries carries the name that it does. Every day, there is life-changing love flowing from God through the physical and spiritual support that is carried throughout the world to individuals who are suffering horrendous trauma. I love how God transforms what may seem to be meager offerings into huge blessings for those who are in need. Sometimes the need may seem insurmountable, but with God all things are possible, (Matthew 19:26). Compassion in the Lord is not measured, but treasured. You who entrust Good Samaritan Ministries with your resources are just like the Good Samaritan, who paid for the man’s care and agreed to cover even more if it was needed. You are treasured, valued beyond measure in the great love of God.

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