Significant impact on people’s lives. June 11, 2016

Burundi day of prayer

The GSM International Day of Prayer 2016 had a significant impact on people’s lives. One aspect of it was to spend time for a focus on communion with God through prayer to understand His heart of mercy, grace, forgiveness, peace, truth, kindness and healing.  Imagine all the people at GSM counseling centers far and wide who gathered for prayer.

Samaritans gathered in more than 20 countries including Burundi, Africa. National Director in Burundi-Eddy shared this report:

Praise the LORD ! I greet all Samaritans in the name of JESUS! So I write you now to send you some pictures of 2016 International Day of Prayer and to inform you how we celebrated the International Day of Prayer in GSM BURUNDI.

The Young Samaritans started to pray and to fast Friday at 6 pm and finished Sunday morning at 6 am and another group started at 6 am to 12 am. Afterwards, we shared and distributed the food and clothing to Samaritans, widows, orphans, poor children and Pygmy peoples. We helped and assisted around 400 persons. We have a partnership with another ministry of HOPE which gave us the food and clothing to help these peoples. Then we continued to pray and to fast until 12 pm. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS FOR US!

Year after year, it’s amazing how God provides Samaritan leaders .… Here’s the story from Klammath Falls where Teresa Stroup had been serving as Center Director before her call to Beaverton.

By Susan Heitkamp

I began my journey with Good Samaritan Ministries in September of 2014. I heard that Teresa Stroup was teaching a counseling class through a friend. I asked the Lord if I was supposed to take the class and He said yes. Initially, I just thought that I could learn a few skills to use in my work with low income families. As I began to understand what Good Samaritan Ministries really was, I became excited about the counseling center and being able to help people in our community in a way that I am not able to in my job. I felt that GSM could serve a purpose in our community, and that was my focus.

In October of 2015 I attended an intensive training in Walla Walla. I went into the training with an open heart, asking God to show me what he wanted me to see. As I stood there during worship I began to weep and I heard him say “This is My Greatness”. He said it over and over.

All I could do was weep in the presence of His Greatness. What I saw around me was a group of people, unimpressive in appearance, very normal, average looking people who had answered the call to lay down their lives for Him by being obedient. There was a sense of unity in the people I had seldom experienced (especially in church) and an immediate feeling of belonging.

The experience of it was overwhelming, and would take me quite some time to process. I’m not sure If I fully understand it, even yet. What I do know, is that He was showing me that this has been the journey I have been on for most of my life, and I have found a place to call home both in this ministry, and with these people.

Shortly after the intensive, Teresa accepted a position as the GSM International Director. I was asked to take her position as the Director of the Klamath Falls Center. It was one of the most difficult, yet easiest decisions I have ever made. God rarely calls us into places that are easy, at least in my experience. As I wrestled with the idea of making this choice, I asked God to give me the capacity to love not only the future clients, but the counselors that I would be training. He is so faithful! He began to touch me deeply and show me a level of compassion and love that mirrors His own. I stepped out in obedience as I told Him that I don’t know the way, so He will have to show me how to do this. It is His, and I am only a willing servant in this process.

My expectation of the future of GSM is really less about the nuts and bolts (opening a counseling center and such) and more about relying on Him to guide me one step at a time. I know he has a plan and a purpose for the Klamath Falls Center, and I know that he will bring it to pass. My part is to seek him with all my heart, be obedient to everything he asks of me and to love those who he places in my path.


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