THE THREE NAILS July 4, 2016


I would liKE-EPS-01-0001ke to inform you that my life was crucified with Jesus Christ, but the nail on the feet was not yet pierced.  It was just pierced as I approached the year 1997.  The Lord told me that many are hanging on two nails, but not three.  That is why humility is amiss in family circles, church and government.


Our hands have somehow been tamed, but not our legs.  That is why there are a lot of kickings in the families, in the church, and governments.  All of these are as a result of the legs hanging loose without the nail pierced on it to the tree to keep it intact and subdued.


We are living in the world of swinging Christian-ism!  Swinging means to go forward and backward.  The swinging characters are the ones who say one thing today and say another thing the other day.  They promise to do things they can’t even move an inch to perform.


True Samaritans are Samaritans whose feet are pierced with the nail on the tree.  They have been pierced with the third nail.  The Samaritan ministry is the ministry of the third nail which is on the feet.  When you have the nail on your feet, you can’t run away from responsibility and hardships that are found on this path to the Kingdom.


Man’s life passes through three stages before reaching wholeness and, all of this was fulfilled on the cross as the nails pierced our Lord.


  1. Wild – – -Within the “wild” stage, we have those who are disobedient, ungrateful, unloving, irreconcilable.


  1. Caged – – – Within the “caged” stage we have those who are full of pretext and hypocrisy.  What they are on the outside is different totally from what is inside.


  1. Tamed – – – With the tamed stage, we have those who are brought under subjection with the power of the Third Nail.  When you read the book of James 3:8-13, you will find that it is said by the writer that no one can tame the tongue.  The world is full of Christians and religious people who are in the stage of a cage where as others are wild.  Few are found in the tamed area.


WILD is the first nail; CAGED is the second nail; TAMED is the third nail.  Jesus said here that it was finished and He gave up His Spirit.  He never gave up His Spirit before the third nail was driven in His flesh.  The same thing applies to us.  We cannot give up our spirit until the third nail is driven into our flesh.


Written by our brother at rest, Nicholas Okungu, when he was GSM National Director of Kenya in 1996,  shared by Lynda Wienk


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