God is Making Lives Bloom July 13, 2016

Time for fellowship and fun. This a call to all of our Samaritans: please come to the Beaverton office on Friday, July 15th , 2016, for a free concert and dinner from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Also, please feel free to bring a guest to see all that God does at GSM through an open house from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship, music and food. Your guest is also welcome to join us for our dinner and concert after the open house.

In Matthew, Jesus tells the story of field workers who are hired at various times in the day then each paid the same wage in the evening. The early risers grumble about this. The landowner asks: “Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what I have?”

The story reminds me of the truth that in the kingdom of God, all that we do and give is important to the Lord and He is a generous God. This is important as we prepare to honor our Good Samaritan volunteers next week with an appreciation dinner and concert.

making lives bloom

You’re invited to have fun and to meet our Director Teresa Stroup, International Satellite leaders, and many of our amazing volunteers who serve graciously and tirelessly to help others. Stan Chadd will be sharing a concert singing of God’s grace and mercy with his acoustic guitar.

July 15

Some of our Samaritans have been surprised at the invitation, wondering, “Who should come to be appreciated?” Our answer is this: You — your service –be it in a counseling office, folding a newsletter, filling, leading or serving on a satellite, hosting a guest, making food, teaching a training, taking out garbage or plugging in data–is important to the kingdom of God and we have so little opportunities to say thank you in a meaningful way. Let us bless you as you have been such a blessing. This honors our generous God.


Bethany Stroup
Volunteer Coordinator



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