A Safe Place for Prayer July 16, 2016

Prayer is profound and life-altering. Good Samaritan Ministries has a mighty ministry of prayer.  Men and women are committed to seeking the Lord’s Presence and power in the lives of individuals who are hurting. My daughter, Melinda, and I have both been blessed to receive prayer through GSM.

Matthew 19 v 26

Thirty-three years ago, I was a young mother with a very sick daughter. I was so confused about how to help my sweet little girl. The doctors did not identify what was wrong until years later, but I was dealing with the everyday pain of a child whose bowels would not empty. Oh, did I weep. I was a young Christian and I grasped for anyone who would help. By the Providence of God, I found Good Samaritan Ministries.

In Beaverton, a precious woman first talked with me, then prayed, asking God for His wisdom. She said that Melinda’s development in my womb had not been comprehensive because I had been deep in grief from my father’s death. She positioned Melinda to be curled up as a pre-born baby, with me curling around her and a bit underneath her and prayed. In that prayer, my dear little girl received healing, a revitalizing return to the developmental stages she had missed. I was blessed beyond measure by the tenderness and wisdom given us.

From the moment of that prayer, my little girl was transformed. Before, Melinda was shy and easily scared, but before our eyes, she became outgoing and vivacious. She talked with everyone and was scared of nothing. Her body began to function and with gentle assistance with diet, she has grown to a healthy young woman.

She is now 37 and surprises everyone who knows her with her exuberance and a sweet spirit. Every year, Melinda is doing better and is even teaching others skills that she has learned. She taught me how to be creative with crocheting and now we crochet together! She is able to live on her own and has a part-time job, at a local day-care center. (Melinda has high-functioning autism, diagnosed at age 16. One of the physical components of autism is sluggish signals going from the brain to the intestines. Over the years, she has learned how to take care of herself.)

It is not possible to express the joy that is in my heart for the wonderful ministry of Good Samaritan Ministries. I am only one of the thousands of people who have been blessed in the past forty years through this ministry.  Each one has a personal story of heartache and blessing. This year, it is fascinating to me that the Lord has once again brought me to Good Samaritan Ministries’ DBT classes to help me to better process the post-traumatic stress from my childhood of physical abuse. I am experiencing great victory over what was once debilitating self-harming behaviors. It’s no wonder that I am gratefully giving and volunteering to pass on the blessings Good Samaritan Ministries gives to a hurting world. Please join me and bless those who will in turn, bless many others.

By Freda Emmons

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