News of a $25,000 Matching Grant for ASTA! September 22, 2016

By Debbie Hoffman, ASTA Satellite Leader

Drugs have no boundaries and neither does the Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Drug Treatment Center in the West Bank.  The name (ASTA) means “The Good Friends Association.”  The program was birthed in 1985 when Bettie Mitchell challenged seven young men to decide how they wanted to help the people of Palestine. To this day, Christians and Muslims have been working together in all aspects of the program to help heal and unite people.

Through the years ASTA has developed into a significant recovery program in the West Bank. It covers drug treatment, prevention and education. In addition to the restoration of many addict’s lives and their families, they work for social restoration.  ASTA has facilitated hundreds of programs in schools, reaching thousands of youth and has played a very large role in educating professionals in the community about addiction, awareness and prevention, since its beginning.

The Lord is speaking to Samaritans here and across the world to help ASTA.  A government grant was recently provided to the prevention side of ASTA to train others in the field to help support a consistent level of care in the West Bank.   But, today the residential treatment building needs help.

Samaritans from Portland, also hearing the Lord’s calling, have generously created a $25,000 matching grant to help repair the treatment center building to sustain the ongoing work. Please join us in helping to raise the matching funds needed.  Every $1 donated turns to $2, every $100 turns to $200.


asta-roof-repair-needed-9-21-16The roof needs to be replaced and there are needed plumbing repairs, so that all 10 toilets and showers can be used.  Much like people needing restoration, the residential treatment center building is in need of restoration, also. The estimate for the building repairs are $60,000, but it is wonderful to see how God is bringing people together to meet the need! A family member of an addict just donated enough paint for the entire inside of the building and the addicts and helpers are doing the painting. People in the community value the work of ASTA.


Addiction reaches everyone, in every country, and in every walk of life.  I, personally, am one of the many addicts that have received recovery through the center. The Lord and Bettie placed me there 12 years ago and it saved my life. Today I am still clean from 17 years of meth addiction.

ASTA reaches out the same way, for the sake of helping one’s fellow man. People of different religions and backgrounds come together at the treatment center, as a family with one goal – to receive recovery from drugs, and to gain hope and self-worth.  It is about seeing each other beyond our problems, to love each other as the Lord loves us. It is a simple, powerful concept and example to be honored by everyone!



Please, help us help!! Please send donations to GSM marked ASTA Matching Grant.





Samaritans on My Recovery Road

The first to hear the truth,

The first to guide the way,

A gift of love,

From above…

Healing in each day.

Thank you for time

in the Jordan River,

The Sea of Galilee,

For Lazarus’ Tomb,

and Holy Moments,

To cleanse and purify me.

You my friends have blessed me,

Have helped my heart to sing.

My life has changed because of you,

I can live again.

Debbie Hoffman



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