Introducing Osborn November 7, 2016

Many Samaritans know Osborn Muyanja, who has served as GSM National Director in Uganda since 1990. GSM Founder Bettie P. Mitchell met with him for the first time in the Masaka District where the AIDS epidemic decimated so many families. She writes about Osborn’s grief and his life in Chapter 6 of her book, From the Bush to the Roots, The Story of Good Samaritan Ministries in Africa.

Osborn was introduced and shared a short testimony at the 40th Anniversary Celebration Banquet. Prior to the banquet a Samaritan met with Osborn. With Osborn’s permission, here are glimpses into that conversation.

Meet Osborn: Reflections By Daniel Kassahn

“We suffer for someone else” (Osborn Muyanja).

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I visited with Osborn Muyanja on a Sunday evening at Patty and Del’s home. This was the Sunday after he spoke at a fundraising dinner located at Good Samaritan Ministries, where we enjoyed pizza and Osborn’s testimony. I wanted to learn more about this man’s ministry and asked to meet with him at another time. He graciously complied.

“Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief” (Isaiah 53:10, NKJV)

When I went to meet Osborn that Sunday night, the intention was to learn how to support Osborn’s evangelical work. This article will end with ways we can do that. But a question lingered on my mind from Osborn’s talk earlier that week. Osborn experienced deep grief in Uganda. How did Osborn get through his grief?

Osborn started with Isaiah 53 and explained when he discovered it pleased God to grieve His Son, he knew his grief had a purpose:

When Jesus was grieved, God was happy. It pleased God. Why was I crying? Remember Joseph? Joseph cried, not for his brothers. Why do you cry? Joseph cried because what he went through, he went through to save his family. We suffer for someone else. When you experience grief, the devil will whisper, ‘There is something wrong with you!’ But we go through what we go through because there is something right with us.

Today, Osborn continues to face many griefs. “How much longer?” his wife asks him. Each day Osborn is evangelizing and training Samaritans in Uganda, his family faces the grief of his absence. They live in the United States.

Osborn has a deep commitment to the work in Uganda and the spread of the Christian faith.

I want it to be lonely in hell. I am sold out. I look up to the author and finisher of my faith. My job is simple. I am an ambassador for Christ. I believe it. I’m gonna make it. Life goes on. I die daily. Every day is a gift from God. Remember the three men the king threw into the fire?

“Yes,” I replied.

Osborne continued:

The king put in three men but he saw four. Why? He put in three and saw four because Jesus was there already. When everything is not working, that is the best place. When you think you can fix it, give up. Humble yourself. Do not take your eye off Christ. Keep going. Do you know what the greatest enemy of the church is?  “Lies.”

I ask Osborn, “What do the people in Uganda need?”

“The greatest weapon Satan uses on people is poverty” (Osborn Muyanja).

Osborn asked how he could pray for me. How does someone filled with days and years of grief come to the place where they can pray for others? Is there any other place from which one can pray?

“Pray that I become acquainted with grief,” I said.

Osborn takes my hands, “Father, roll away the stone.”

I invite you to reflect on one, or more, of these quotes from Osborn. What does it mean to you?

Lessons I learned from meeting with Osborn:

  1. Keep eyes on Jesus.
  2. Do not believe the lies of Satan.
  3. Cry, because there is something right about us.
  4. We suffer for others.
  5. Jesus is there already.

Consider how you can join the work of rolling away stones. These are opportunities:

  1. Support the GSM Uganda Satellite by volunteering or donating or shopping at Sam’s Attic Thrift Store in Sellwood.
  2. Pray for Osborn, his wife, and four children.
  3. Support micro-lending to help people in places like Uganda leave poverty.
  4. Donate to Good Samaritan Ministries, “Empowering people to live and love as Good Samaritans.”

Amazing news from Osborn’s GSM-Uganda Annual Report – “Our journey has had a number of challenges from which we have learned to be innovative and proactive at the same time. We have made remarkable progress in a number of fields, like schools and centers like Nambirizi, Kiwangala, Kaberamido, Wobulenzi, Naminya, Rushere, Karamoja, Kisenyi, Massaja, Lusaka and Bukungu.  Each center has different activities in their communities, where they have moved from Grass to Grace.  Most center directors and their people are living testimonies, they were young when they joined the ministry, single, not trained.  Now they are married, pastors, trained counselors and mature people.  Make contributions towards the transformation of many.”

“There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?” (John 6:9 NKJV)

Bettie shares Osborn’s story







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