A Grateful Heart November 24, 2016

imageI once asked my philosophy professor, a man with a deep faith, how to overcome depression. He told me, “be grateful.”

I struggled with this. As Christians, we talk about gratitude often – when asked, many quote from scripture where we are instructed to give thanks to God or, we sing in church:

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One

What is often missing when we talk about matters of faith and the heart are the “how-to’s”. How do I make my heart grateful? When I asked this professor how to be grateful, his advice was this: “wake up everyday and repent for each thing you forgot to be grateful for the day before. Then you will know how to be grateful.”

Repentance is the first step to creating a grateful heart.

This professors advice addressed the practical issue by challenging me to deal with the root of the problem – ingratitude.

So, perhaps for some of us we can start this holiday season with the advice I received– begin everyday with repentance, and in so doing, begin to develop a grateful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany Stroup

Bethany Stroup

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