Three Keys to Education December 1, 2016

Man holds a key

The Following is an excerpt from Bettie Mitchell’s book, Something Worth Saving:

If you are to be a teacher, there are three keys to learning you must keep in mind at all times: Subject, Timing, and Relationship. These are keys to people learning on the inside, not just garnering information on the outside, but receiving into their spirit: discernment, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

There needs to be a great bonding in learning. If others know you are learning at the same time they are, and if they influence you as much as you influence them, the teacher among us is Christ.

Timing may sound like a strange part of education, but even the timing of one sentence spoken slowly, carefully, and deeply into us will deflect chatter and too much information.

You might say, “I’ve never had a teacher that really reached me.” I can relate to that, for there weren’t many, were there? The ones that fully really reached us, first of all, taught us to love the subject they taught. They left a lifetime impression of what they taught, and you could become an integral part of the expertise of that subject. Jesus, the Master, IS our Teacher. His lessons must leave a lifetime impression on all that we know, and often correct what we think we know.

IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE: SUBJECT, TIMING, RELATIONSHIPS. It is not SUBJECT, timing and relationship. These three are equally important.

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Bethany Stroup

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