Letters from Bettie, entry 1 December 9, 2016

There is a file in the Beaverton office that contains every letter written by our founder, Bettie Mitchell, to our Samaritans around the world. It is our belief that contained in these letters is the spirit of the Samaritan Ministry. Therefore, we will publish content from these letters every month to encourage and inspire all of us.

Letter 1

The heart of a SamaritanTo A Leader in Africa – November 25th 1995

“…every child you touch must be your child, and your life must be given as a mother and father. That is the meaning of being a Samaritan. A Samaritan is not a husband. A Samaritan is a father and mother. His hand reaches out and touches and heals. I am going to begin prayers deep in my soul that your life be given over like a mother and a father to your people. It is the secret of this work. It is the true calling of the Samaritan heart. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

You cannot teach (name), if you do not comfort, and you cannot comfort if you do not teach. The mother comforts, the father teaches. Do you understand?”

Bettie Mitchell

Praise God for the lives of all of our directors around the world and training of Good Samaritan Ministries.

Submitted by Bethany Stroup

Bethany Stroup

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