Emotional Me January 27, 2017

Feelings flit around like beautiful butterflies, bringing profound beauty to life. It may seem that they fly willy-nilly, with no direction or purpose. Just as I haven’t a clue about the specific purpose for which the butterfly flutters about, I am at a loss about my own emotions. I package up my ignorance and seek the Lord’s wisdom.

The Spirit of the Living God whispers in quiet, melodious tones to my spirit. He affirms that He has given purpose to every life and that His highest, most noble of purpose has been given to humanity. All of life displays His glory; in every flap of his wing, the butterfly fulfills his purpose. I have been given, as a part of humanity, the great honor and purpose to not only display God’s glory to the best of my ability, but also to join with the Creator of the universe in relationship. To my astonishment, I began to understand. Ah, that’s where the emotions come in! I first learned about emotion through the loving touch of my parents. Relationship, laughter, hugs, affirmation – all of these and a myriad of interactions are uniquely entered into with emotions intertwined like a ball of rubber bands. Without emotion, all of it would be reduced to mere action/reaction.

The Spirit spoke once more a simple phrase to my spirit, “intimate fellowship.” Along with it came a great depth of emotion. Even though it was only two words, I could not even begin to describe the fullness of its meaning. I remembered how I had longed for a dear friend to experience this wonderful fellowship with the Lord. The negative side of emotions, shame, blame, anger, and a glob of others, wreaked havoc in his life. The Lord was showing me that emotional blockages to receiving His gift of everlasting life are demolished when loving emotion is shared and received.

In just this brief connection with the Lord, a jumble of questions has been brought to peace and understanding. My emotions are not a bag of scrambled, unusable, mismatched pieces; they are an intrinsic part of my being, a gift from my Lord for the fulfillment of that intimate fellowship with my God. They are also my gift to those I meet, for sharing love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self -control. I am more confident in reaching out to people because my emotions are a huge part of who I am and how God blesses others through me.

Freda experienced physical and sexual abuse. She was broken and confused for years. As a young woman, she sought counseling for 12 years. When she began to grow in her Christian faith, she realized the depth of healing in the words of the Bible. She then combined tiny steps of healing with those comforting Scriptures and wrote Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma, a devotional with a journal, for in-depth, personal healing. Flame of Healing is helping people in 6 countries to heal from deep emotional pain from abuse and trauma.

Freda is also an inspirational speaker, addressing issues of abuse and trauma with compassion. She is a wife of 39 years, mother of three adult children, grandmother of one, and a child of God.

Her second book, Resurrection Hope, is a Christian novel about Heaven, angels, and living in the Presence of God. Freda’s website is: www.fredaemmons.com

Bethany Stroup

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