Communication is the Foundation of Relationships February 8, 2017

GSM is a Ministry of Relationships; Counselor to Client, Teacher to Group, Satellite Member to Internationals, Each of Us to Each Other.

A critical and necessary element of building relationships is communication.  Communication is the connection between people as a result of an exchange of information. Communication can be a wink of the eye or a 400 page novel…it can be sipping coffee in a café with your best friend or it could be standing behind a lectern and delivering a Bible Teaching class. Communicate is what we do each day with everyone we come in contact with.

There are four main types of communication: written, verbal, nonverbal and visual.  Then there are many variants to each of those four: color, tone, volume, gestures, pictures, illustrations, charts, graphs, television and films. Types of verbal communication include speaking, music, sounds and language. Forms of nonverbal communication include signs, eye contact, sign language, sculpture, movement, dancing, facial expressions, body posture and physical contact.

Modern technology has brought some historically new forms of written communication including texting, emailing, facebooking and many more digital alternatives.

Frequency – My wife calls her mother every day on the way home from work. When my Mom was alive I called her once a week. Usually the more often the better.

Quality – Your communication can range from casual to detailed. Sometimes it may be necessary to be very specific, especially in a work environment.

Content – What you say and how you say it.

Listening – So, so critical for each of us always to master the skill of Listening. Do you remember your mother telling you that’s why God gave you two ears and one mouth?

In this era of technological capabilities our choices for communication methods abound. Some of the ones we use every day. Four of the five communication tools listed below can now all be done on the phones we carry with us.

One of the considerations we now need to be aware of in our communication routine, in general, is the age or generation of the person to whom we are relating. Consider these pyramids of communication methodologies vs. preference for the relative ages of your message.

One method of communication which is blatantly missing from these pyramids is the letter (or hand written note). Remember those?  Do you remember the excitement you felt opening the mail box, sliding out a stack of envelopes and there in the jumble of paper was one addressed to you decorated with a real stamp, maybe even from a foreign country.  The thrill is a palpable as you bound up the front steps and slice open the envelope with a kitchen knife.  Whether it’s a Holiday card, a love note, a letter from a far-away friend or anything that’s not another utility bill…we all love to receive a letter in the mail.

Never under estimate the power of a letter…yes they have become expensive at $0.49 for a Forever Stamp…but they are worth so much more than that for the person who receives one…send someone a letter or a card…Communicate Today!


About the Author:

Ed Markiewicz serves as the Chairman of Good Samaritan Ministries’ International Board. Ed is the owner of The Energy Bar, a local healthy-eating establishment in downtown Portland OR. He also works with the Catholic charities as a representative for refugees.

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