A Friend to One Who Is In Need March 2, 2017


I love the adage, “Friendship doubles joy and halves grief.” For years, I was so needy that I could only receive love and support. I soaked it up by the pound, needing affirmation every moment, it seemed.


One day, I looked around myself and realized there were fewer friends around me who could pour themselves into my need. I still felt needy, nevertheless I began to lean on the wisdom of the Lord to fill the deepest needs of my heart. I felt that tug toward being a friend to others who were in need too. I was so hesitant, but the Spirit whispered His truth to my spirit, “The very best way to have a friend is to be a friend.” I realized I had been afraid… even to talk with someone I didn’t know. I jumped in all the way, introducing myself and learning to be genuinely interested in another person’s life and the challenges they face.


In the process of learning what it is to be a friend, I have opened my heart to even more than I could have ever imagined. God has blessed me with oodles of friends! I love connecting with my dear friends by phone, Facebook, or over a cup of tea at a local coffee shop. When a friend has a need, and I am able to help, I love jumping in and helping out. Sometimes, just being there is what is needed; not even words are able to soothe as much as the presence of a friend. On the flip side, my joy is magnified by the Lord when I share it with my dear friends. We all rejoice in the blessings of life and pray and weep together in the grieving of difficult life occurrences.


This week, I have experienced the wonder of deep friendship. I am having spinal fusion surgery next week (I will be recovering when this is printed). Right now, any extra movement causes me to be quite sore. I like to do heavy clean-up stuff before going out of town and such; it’s nice to return home to a clean house. For the last two days, my husband of 39 years, Rod, mopped my kitchen, hall, and two bathrooms, scrubbing them better than I can on my hands and knees! He is ready to help me after the surgery, but even more than that, he has helped me to not be in unnecessary pain before the surgery.


I am so very thankful that I am a part of the beautiful ministry of Good Samaritan Ministries. I am learning to stretch even more my efforts of being the friend of anyone who is needy and to trust the Lord with everything that is in me for the assignments He is preparing for me to do. When I share with GSM staff even a small need that comes up, I receive such support and love that I am in awe, of all that God is doing in and through this worldwide ministry. With the Creator and Lord of the Universe, friendship is transformed into life-changing compassion and sacrifice. Jesus spoke of such love and sacrifice:

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”            John 15:13

As we ponder the love of Jesus, who laid His life down for you – for me, let the idea of friendship expand to the fullness of all that Jesus calls us to. He is our mentor, loving every individual who came to Him and offering himself completely to the will of Father God.



Submitted By: Freda Emmons


Freda experienced physical and sexual abuse. She was broken and confused for years. As a young woman, she sought counseling for 12 years. When she began to grow in her Christian faith, she realized the depth of healing in the words of the Bible. She then combined tiny steps of healing with those comforting Scriptures and wrote Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma, a devotional with a journal, for in-depth, personal healing. Flame of Healing is helping people in 6 countries to heal from deep emotional pain from abuse and trauma.

Freda is also an inspirational speaker, addressing issues of abuse and trauma with compassion. She is a wife of 39 years, mother of three adult children, grandmother of one, and a child of God.

Her second book, Resurrection Hope, is a Christian novel about Heaven, angels, and living in the Presence of God. Freda’s website is: www.fredaemmons.com

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