The Rippling Effect of Teaching the Kingdom of God November 7, 2019

The consecrated work of Good Samaritan Ministries is intensifying not only geographically, but also in new generations of those dedicated to its principles. Many of those in the three-year counseling training program hosted by GSM were introduced to this very unique ministry in their youth by their parents, who have been life-long Samaritans. A large number of GSM office locations are being hosted by the younger generation of Samaritans, who experienced first-hand the profound ministry through growing up within a GSM family. Bettie Mitchell, who founded Good Samaritan Ministries more than forty years ago, is celebrating this profound growth by hosting a Youth Summit on November 8-9, 2019. 

Bettie’s vision for this summit is to give voice to those who were blessed by Good Samaritan Ministries in their youth, to hear their stories of how GSM touched them personally and to encourage them in their commitment to continue the blessing of the Call to Teach Nothing But the Kingdom of God. Bettie’s endeavor seems beyond one person to accomplish. She wants to have every person who has been helped by GSM in their youth, no matter what their current age, to come together for this special summit of celebration and training for even more expansion of this international ministry. Bettie is not limited by anything; God has given her the Call and she is ever-obeying His voice. There is even more in her proposal; she is seeking a written description from every person who was blessed through GSM in their youth, to compile into a book of testimony – of lives changed through the Call. This book will be put together during the first months of 2020 and will be available at the 2020 GSM International Conference, which is planned for the fall of 2020. Every person has value and a voice. Good Samaritan Ministries holds that fact in high esteem. The Youth Summit this fall and the subsequent book of testimonies will be a launching pad for even further growth that will become exponential in blessing and truth.

My own daughter, Melinda, will be attending the Youth Summit in November. When she was about 1 ½ years old, she had some severe health issues. My pastor’s wife, Jean Nilsen, offered to pray with Melinda and I. It was about 1980 and she was co-founder in the fledgling Good Samaritan Ministries. Melinda had severe constipation and was lethargic. Jean listened to the history of my pregnancy and upon learning that Melinda had been conceived just a day before my father died, offered the possibility that my deep grieving for my father had affected her development in my womb. Jean had me lay down, with Melinda snuggled close to my tummy, embraced us both and prayed. She prayed that God would take us back to the developmental stages that had been affected and that He would bring about healing in her body and restoration of her health. It was the most profound time of prayer in all of my life; it was also a turning point in my daughter’s life.

That same day, we began to notice the changes in Melinda’s life. Her bowels eased and though she has had what has been labeled as “a sluggish colon,” she has been able to avoid the serious complications of severe chronic constipation. Most profound was the complete switch in her personality. She had been lethargic and hesitant, almost seeming to be afraid of everything in life; in that prayer, was transformed to be energetic, excited about life, and not afraid of anything. She has courage that was borne in that prayer, to face the challenges of life with determination and strive for the very best that God has for her. Melinda has had some struggles; the prayer did not end the physical or mental challenges. She has mild cerebral palsy and had seizures in her youth, which required medication for a number of years. She also has high-functioning autism. The difference is that God infused in her this new personality, with a willingness to be challenged, a striving in her heart and soul for every step God has prepared for her to take.

After moving and being away from GSM for many years, I reconnected about 4 years ago. I had told Melinda about the transformational prayer as she had grown up, so she was quite interested in this very special ministry, where she had been so blessed. She attended Family Camp with me and was blessed all over again, this time at age 37. She loved that she was encouraged to share with everyone; her voice and opinion was valued. She had often experienced the devaluation that comes with people noticing she didn’t always read social ques very well. But at Family Camp, everyone accepted her fully and loved her. She is with great expectation awaiting the Youth Summit. I am watching in wonder at the beauty of all that God has done and will be doing in her life. This is but one story of the life-changing blessings that have come through Good Samaritan Ministries. There are literally thousands who have been blessed, each uniquely, through the counseling, skills training, classes, and Bible truths that are a part of GSM. 

The Youth Summit is for everyone who has been blessed by Good Samaritan Ministries and want to explore how God would extend His blessing of your life even further. It is a personal challenge to step out and accept the Call of God upon your life. Be sure to call Bettie Mitchell at (503) 644-0218, or send her an e-mail at:   bpmitchell@frontier.com   for details of how you can be involved and attend the Youth Summit.


Freda experienced physical abuse. She was broken and confused for years. As a young woman, she sought counseling for 12 years. When she began to grow in her Christian faith, she realized the depth of healing in the words of the Bible. She then combined tiny steps of healing with those comforting Scriptures and wrote Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma, a devotional with a journal, for in-depth, personal healing. Flame of Healing is helping people in 6 countries to heal from deep emotional pain from abuse and trauma.

Freda is also an inspirational speaker, addressing issues of abuse and trauma with compassion. She is a wife of 39 years, mother of three adult children, grandmother of one, and a child of God.

Her second book, Resurrection Hope, is a Christian novel about Heaven, angels, and living in the Presence of God. Freda’s website is: www.fredaemmons.com.


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