David Williams

David was born in England 1938 and emigrated to the USA in 1960. In 1962 his mother, in England, told her friends that, “David has an American girl friend.” He married his girlfriend, Nan (a Southerner) in December 1962. He and Nan have two grown children Mark and Lisa. He became a US citizen in 1967 and retired from a career in insurance to Vancouver in 1996.

David was re-born in 2012 and has developed a loving intimate relationship with Jesus. His desire is to answer the call on his life and to please Him. David loves the word and he thrives on His loving presence, His Grace, His teaching and his voice. He enjoys resting with Him; he enjoys prayer and sharing with others the things the Father has shared with him.

David’s first contact with GSM was through Charles Orange who insisted he come to the Good Friday lunch in 2004. After that he visited Beaverton many times, helped with stuffing envelopes and moved on to filing papers for Bettie. She soon became his mentor, friend and counselor. David has taught GSM groups on many occasions. He started the prayer and Healing rooms in Vancouver and in Beaverton where teams prayed with others for their needs for many years. He continues to participate in Intercessory prayer both in Vancouver and Beaverton and teaches whenever opportunities present themselves.


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