David McClaran

Current occupation: Director Business Transformation Practice, Sutherland Global Services. Global software/solutions company, 1.5 Billion in revenue, 45,000 employees. 

I was born and raised in Idaho. As a very young child I had Polio and was unable to walk well until I was 6 y/o. It was at this time that I invited Christ into my heart, watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV. Ironically I was raised Mormon in a family scenario by alcoholic parents and an abusive father. I attended College locally for 4 years where I rediscovered my faith and became very active in Campus Crusade fir Christ, later being the student campus leader. I was married the first time when I was 21.It was 6 years later that we were divorced. I returned to Boise and re-entered the university. 2 years later Billy Graham organized his first crusade in Boise. I became involved as a youth leader and it was through this process that I was recruited to join the organization. For the next 4+ years I traveled extensively as  Crusade Director. It was my job to be the lead person from the Association in the community and build out and manage the local organization.

During my last year I met my second wife and we were married. It was difficult to be traveling 250+ days a year and build a marriage and I left. It was at this time that I began building my second career in executive sales. I was married to this wife for 9 years and we were divorced. We had one daughter, Lydia who is now 23 and in graduate school seeking  a Physicians assistant board certification. It was during this divorce, 1991 that I fist became involved with GSM, seeking counseling with Betty. Even though the divorce proceeded after a 2 year separation I continued on with GSM, eventually after several years taking on the responsibility as country director for Congo(DRC).

I contined to seek counseling with GSM and was involved in Men’s group and level 1 counselor training. It was during this process that I eventually married again for a very short time to Katie, Bettie performed the ceremony, ongoing issues terminated the marriage after a few months, but I did receive my second child, Elizabeth who is now 15, and a honor role sophomore at West Linn High. Elizabeth now lives with me and my present wife nearly full time. 

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