Joseph Nkemontoh

Joseph Nkemontoh is a Senior Engineering Associate(SEA), currently working for the City of Portland, OR. He has bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and English Literature from the University of Sioux Falls, SD, where he was a student body Senator, Staff writer and Associate Editor of the school newspaper. He received the school’s Purple Feather Award and was named to the National Dean’s List publication.

Joseph studied Electrical engineering at California State University, LA and is E.I.T certified. He also studied Corrosion engineering through The National Association for Corrosion Engineers (NACE Institute).

Joseph worked for California Transportation (CALTRANS), while studying in LA.

In 1990 the family moved to Oregon and he briefly worked for WA Co Construction before being hired by the City of Portland. For over two decades he has held a variety of roles and responsibilities, including Technician, Project/Program Manager, District Traffic Engineer, before the current SEA position. Current duties include designing water mains and corrosion prevention systems for tanks, well site and reservoir piping, as well as monitoring/mitigating the effects of corrosion on water infrastructure in Light Rail and trolley corridors.

Joseph is NACE-certified in corrosion control. He currently serves on the NACE (Western US) Board of Trustees. He is past Chairman, Secretary and Development Chair for the Portland Chapter, current Trustee and a conference presenter on infrastructure corrosion design and mitigation procedures.

Joseph has been part of GSM for over 20 years, serving as satellite leader for GSM-Cameroon. Over the years he has been in contact with most GSM country directors, either by social media, at meetings or through housing some who have visited Oregon for training. He has served as Elder and Board Secretary, including at Rock Creek Community Church, in Portland. Joseph is a teacher at heart, having been trained and certified, and having taught both elementary and High schools. 

He was founding president of The Association of Cameroonians in Oregon and Southern Washington, and currently, Vice Chairman for the African Community Council of Oregon(ACCO). 

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