Vonda Winkle

Vonda Winkle has been a Samaritan since 1980. Her early days of training included living with Bettie and Jerry Mitchell for 6 months prior to a 3 week trip to Poland, Egypt and Israel. Later Vonda lived with Joan and Ted Baker for 4 years. Joan was GSM’s Assistant International Director and Ted was the Pastoral Director. Vonda volunteered at GSM in many capacities and in 1991 joined the staff until May 2011.

During her time as a staff member and counselor at GSM, she met with clients, taught counselor training, facilitated Abuse Therapy Recovery Group and brought Dialect Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to the office. She worked closely with the International National Directors, helping to plan and oversee the care of the National Directors for two International Conferences held in the USA. Vonda traveled with Bettie Mitchell and James Opiyo, GSM’s Africa Continental Director, for 2 months in 6 African countries. She later made 5 additional trips to Africa; she was in Uranga, Kenya on 911.

Vonda was the Kenya Satellite, “Friends of Kenya” Team Leader for many years and now mentors the three Co-Directors.  In May 2011, accepted a position at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon as a clinical Therapist Specialist providing recreation and teaching DBT to 9-17 year-olds. Additionally, she works with parents teaching Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS). Vonda is a member of the National Association of Forensic Counselors as a Criminal Justice Specialist and Domestic Violence Counselor.

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