GSM Cameroon

Established 2002

Cameroon Satellite Leader:  Joseph Nkemontoh

National Director: Tangye George Salt

Center Info: The Samaritan work and ministry in Cameroon is like being at the battlefront.  It’s a 24/7 confrontation with the enemy (Satan) and his agents. But the Holy Spirit and the authority of God’s Word give us the victory in Christ Jesus to set us free.  We have empowered people through our teachings.  Our lessons are tailored in such a way that anyone who sits in any of our classes has a testimony.  We also teach by example; this has helped in the area of giving. This can be seen in the amount of funds received for the office building project.

Existing Programs

GSM Limbe Center, Bamenda Center, Yaouda Center, Douala Center

Samaritan Christian Counseling Training

Samaritan Christian Counseling services to the Public

Inner Healing School

Assistance to Widows / Orphans and Destitute

Praying for the sick at home and in Hospitals

Assistance to Widows / Orphans and Destitute

Prayer Request from Cameroon, Tangye George:

Please pray for deliverance of Cameroon from the evil plans of Boko Haram to destroy our nation. Cameroon is host to many thousands of refugees from Nigeria and neighboring countries, which brings a great burden on the nation to meet the needs of suffering humanity. With the influx of refugees, Boko Haram has infiltrated the nation and brought about mass murder (genocide) of innocent civilians.

“Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ (February 7, 2017), Thanks for your unceasing prayers for me, my family and our nation Cameroon as a whole. We are going through the most difficult times in the history of our country and we need much prayers. For the first time my annual report is getting to you later than January 10th because Internet services have been cut off from our part of the world.  I had to go to Douala (2 hour drive from Limbe) today just to send you this report. Our children in the English part of the country are not going to school because of Lawyers and Teachers strike. We know that Jesus is on the throne and all authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to him. God has been so very good to us in 2016. we pray for more grace in 2017 in Jesus name.”

GSM Cameroon Goal for 2017: “Called to set God’s people free from bondage” Exodus 3:9-10

Many are held in Captivity just like the Jews were held in Captivity in Egypt. The Heartbeat of God is to see all humanity free from sin. Just like He sent Moses, He sent Jesus as today Jesus Christ is sending us.

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