GSM Canada

Established 1994

Satellite: None

National Director: David Bhatti

Center Info: David Naseer Bhatti and his wife operate out of Kingston, Ontario in Canada. David has been a Samaritan since 1991 and opened the Canada center in 1994.  His daughter is teaching programs and going for her master’s degree.  His son is involved in aviation.  David is the Regional Director of Asia for GSM. The Kingston Center reports:

“We hold worship service, Bible studies, prayer meeting weekly for people from different ethnic background and provide multicultural fellowship. We also provide pastoral care for family in need and conduct house prayer meeting on per request. We facilitate Christian fellowship group and prayer meeting for university, college and high school students.
We provide Christian based education along with regular syllabus to underprivileged children, youth and adolescent girls, in Pakistan. We support missionary and mission in Canada and abroad. …

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