GSM Goma Congo

Established 1999

National Director:  DR BAHATI  SALUMU Mufia-Injili

Southern Congo

Center Info: Congo is the third largest country in Africa and yet one of the poorest nations in the world.  There are few doctors or other public services.  In the capital city of Kinshasa tens of thousands of children are living on the streets.  Millions go without education or food each day.

Existing Programs:

Counselor Training

Counseling and weekly group therapy sessions

Marriage training every two months

GSM Congo is in need of connection and support.  There is currently no satellite and Southern Congo has received no financial support from GSM for many years.

Northern Congo – Goma Region

Satellite Director: Gail Harris

Regional Director: Timothee Kalonda Wa Mayombo

Center Info: Goma is a city of approximately one million people on the Eastern border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Goma is just next to Gisenyi, Rwanda.  The Eastern part of the Congo has been involved with war and violence for many years.  It is estimated that two to three million people died in the Congo during the last twenty years of the war.  The average per capita income in the Congo is three hundred dollars, which is the cost of school expenses for one year for a child.


Micro Finance project through Microcredit Empowerment Fund

Pay school fees, books and supplies for the entire school year for 20 students

New office building was completed in October 2015

Contact Info:

Southern Congo – drjpbahatisalumu@gmail.com

Northern Congo – aifobgoodsamgoma@yahoo.fr

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