GSM Pakistan

Established 1987

Satellite Leader:  David Bhatti   

National Directors: Maqbool & Gul Kamal

Center Info:

11 Ministry Centers in Pakistan

Report from Maqbool Kamal,

“Established during Bettie Mitchell’s first visit to Pakistan, GSM Pakistan offers schools for poor students as well as sewing schools.  Pakistan is a country among the nations having many ‘Nineva’ walls where the children are there but there are no teachers.  There is a great need to extend the counseling and educational program in rural areas of Pakistan.

Karachi is the head office of GSM Pakistan, where we are running a school, weekly counseling of widows and weekly counseling class of youth.

Interior of Sindh: October 8-12, 2016, four persons spent the time to collect the census of only one very low cast Hindu Jogi tribe, living in district Sajawal.  In the whole district we found these peoples are street beggars, addicted, and snake catcher and charmer living in 26 villages, different places having no education from generation to generation.  No status, no food, not enough clothes, living in straw huts.  We are running three centers over there.  With the education and counseling we are working among them to bring change in their life.  Still 23 villages are waiting for the good news.

Punjab: We have five centers where we are running schools and counseling centers. In these centers we have a unit director and pastoral director to run the different programs for the development of community.”

Prayer Requests:

  • For the resources to reopen two closed schools and to maintain the other 6 schools
  • For the health and welfare of the teachers and students at these schools
  • For the health and welfare of our communities

Contact Info:

Email: gsmpakistan@yahoo.com

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