GSM Rwanda

Established 1997
Satellite Leader: Terri Wiedergen
National Director: Francis Ntuyahera

National Office: Kigali, Rwanda, 9 local centers
Center Info:

Existing Programs: 

Rwanda is developing a counseling ministry in the 12 districts of Rwanda.

Widows and orphans gather in every center for counseling, teaching the Word of God, and encouragement.

S.M. Schools are developing educational opportunities for street children.

Counseling and teaching at GSM centers help people to fight the destructive ideology and memories of the nation’s catastrophic genocide. One million people were murdered in one month back in 1994.

Witness Sewing School is a project that is helping the less privileged women in our society develop skills that will enable them to live independently and to create jobs for themselves so as to meet their basic needs.

Building of Kimironko Freedom Tree School – We built the wall and we put the plaster and painting on walls, school and office.  We want to do more but we are limited in funds, but we have faith in God to do more this year.

Thank you from the school children in Rwanda (East Africa). For many children in poverty, the only opportunity to go to school is provided by donations from Good Samaritan Ministries. The children are eager to learn in the classroom. They also love to play soccer outdoors near the school.

Prayer Requests:
  • Tables, chairs, window repairs, doors, and swings for children at GSM school
  • New roofing sheets
  • Transportation and lunch for volunteer counselors at GSM HW
  • Tank to hold water because of water shortage problem
  • Food for pigs at GSM Gikoma Center
  • Funds for school children

Center Info:


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