GSM Sierra Leone, West Africa


Established 1995

Satellite Leader:  Bethany Stroup

National Director: Arthur Davies

National Office: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Center Info: Good Samaritan Ministries Sierra Leone offers counseling, prayers, counselor training, Bible studies, trauma management, anger management, drug and alcohol addiction recovery, boundaries and attachment disorder teaching. Clients come for counseling and prayers in all of the 9 centers. The Center Directors are trained so that they can also train others in their centers. We visit the sick and elderly in hospitals and in their homes. We hold weekly group therapy meetings, meetings for young people and women’s group. We do all of our counseling and training free of charge.

Sierra Leone center was first started in 1995 and has worked to develop counselors and sponsor children’s education. Sierra Leone is a country that faced immense tragedy when rebels fighting in Liberia seeped down into their country to take over the diamond mines of Sierra Leone to fund the war in neighboring Liberia. Thousands were killed and tens of thousands were maimed and displaced. Sierra Leone national director, Arthur Davies, faced great loss during the war which ended in 2002. He wrote in his last report, “We thank God we are doing fine here.”

Prayer Requests from Sierra Leone, Arthur Davies:

  • Pray for the Sierra Leone satellite leader, Bethany Stroup, that God give her strength wisdom, direction and disarmament to do the work set before her.
  • For all the centers here, workers, counselors and volunteers.
  • For the school children being sponsored by GSM here, that God will keep them in good health, give them wisdom and understanding so that they will do well in school.
  • For the orphans and widows here, especially those that were made orphans and widows during the Ebola outbreak.
  • The Ebola outbreak here in Sierra Leone has left a lot of gaps in families and wounds in the hearts of many. We will therefore counsel, pray and work hard to touch the lives of victims and survivors to bring healing and courage to them.
  • Pray for GSM work with other organizations and churches in counseling, training, etc.

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Good Samaritan Ministries is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.
Address: 7929 SW Cirrus Dr # 23, Beaverton, OR 97008