GSM Zambia

Established 1993

Satellite Leader: Fred Cooper

National Director: Alick Malama

21 Centers

Center Info: GSM-Zambia started in 1993 out of a need that local founders saw for the orphaned and vulnerable children who couldn’t afford to attain any form of education.  A school under a tree was started to give the children basic education. The school started with 10 children, has grown to 463 orphaned and vulnerable children attending school from preschool to grade 7. One of our schools serves about 4,000 families who live in Ng’ombe shanty compound of Lusaka. Alick and his wife Sellina, have been consistent to develop quality programs in key regions of Zambia.

Existing Programs

We have 9 members of staff made u of 8 teachers and a head teacher. All of the teachers are certified from approved Government Colleges.  The 8 are Primary school qualified teachers and 1 has a high school teacher diploma.

We had 463 pupils in total

Feeding Program: The school provides meals for the pupils throughout the week.  This has been a source of great help to them as most of them come from homes that cannot provide any meals.  It helps in their concentration and gives them energy to do school activities.

Desks: We are still in need of raising funds to pay for desks.

Lusaka has the highest passing mark in the nation and it was with great joy that one of our girls got second highest mark in the whole region. Out of 62 pupils who were in grade seven, 59 of them qualified to go to grade eight.

Updates from Zambia:

In October we had a career day where we invited a doctor, a police officer, an army officer, a nurse, a journalist, an electrical engineer and a politician to come and talk to the children.  It was an awesome day where children were inspired to achieve their dreams.

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